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Tulip Divisions

Tulips are classified in what are known as tulip divisions or groups.
At the moment there are over 3700 tulips registered.
The following lists show each tulip in each division and are in tulip name sequence:

Just click on the division to see it.

Division 1   - Single Early tulips

Division 2   - Double Early tulips

( I split up the Triumph group because there are so many of them and it would take the web page too long for them to load. )

Division 3   - Triumph tulips a-d            names starting a-d
   - Triumph tulips e-h            names starting e-h
   - Triumph tulips i-m            names starting i-m
   - Triumph tulips n-r             names starting n-r
   - Triumph tulips s-z            names starting s-z

Division 4   - Darwin Hybrid tulips

Division 5   - Single Late tulips

Division 6   - Lily-Flowered tulips

Division 7   - Fringed tulips

Division 8   - Viridflora tulips

Division 9   - Rembrandt tulips

Division 10 - Parrot tulips

Division 11 - Double Late tulips

Division 12 - Kaufmanniana tulips

Division 13 - Fosteriana tulips

Division 14 - Greigii Hybrid tulips

Division 15 - Species tulips



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