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Tulip Groups

The genus Tulipa consists of 15 Tulip Groups


Arma tulips
China Pink tulips
Clusiana tulips
The First tulips

The official classification of the genus Tulipa defines 14 groups or divisions of cultivated varieties - mainly on the basis of flower shape, flowering season and parentage - with a fifteenth division containing species and other miscellaneous varieties.

These tulip groups have had several reorganizations over the years, so some tulip lovers may know some varieties as being under different categories.

These are the current Divisions:

Tulipa Prince CarnavalDivision 1 - Single early varieties
These have cup-shaped flowers around 7.5cm (3in) wide.
They grow to 25-60cm (10-24in) tall.
They flower mainly in mid spring, or sometimes a little earlier.
{some of these were once included in the Darwin section)

tulips MondialDivision 2 - Double early varieties
These have double, peony like flowers around 7.5-l0cm (3-4in) wide
They grow to 30cm (1ft) tall.
Their flowers open in mid spring.

Tulipa MexicoDivision 3
- Triumph varieties
These have conical flowers, are more rounded and up to 7.5cm (3in) wide. They stand 40-60cm (16-24in) tall.
They flower in mid spring and often last until late spring..
(some of these were formerly known as Mendel tulips)

Tulipa Tender BeautyDivision 4 - Darwin tulips
The plants of this tulip group have huge, goblet-like flowers usually up to 15cm (6in) across, but sometimes can get to 20cm (8in).
They grow to 55-70cm (22-28in) tall.
They open in late spring or a little earlier. (these were formerly Division 5)


Tulipa Aristocrat
Division 5 - Single late tulips
Their flowers are almost squarish to oval and often with pointed petals.
These are among the tallest types and grow up to 80cm (32in) in height.
They flower in late spring and often last into very early summer.
(these are sometimes called May-flowering)

Tulipa West Point
Division 6 - Lily-flowered varieties
Plants of this tulip group are very lily like, hence their name. Their flowers are long and trim with pointed petals flaring outwards at their tips to a width of up to 15cm (6in).
They grow to 50-65cm (20-26in) high.
They open in late spring or sometimes a little earlier. (formerly division 7).

Tulipa Fringed BeautyDivision 7 - Fringed varieties
These have flowers of sharply fringed petals.
These grow up to 80cm (32in) in height.
They flower in late spring and often last into very early summer.
(These were formerly part of the Cottage division and were also known as orchid-flowered tulips)

Tulipa Spring GreenDivision 8 - Viridiflora varieties
These are sometimes known as green tulips and are distinguished by having distinct green streaks or suffusions on their petals.
These grow up to 80cm (32in) tall.
They flower in late spring and often last into very early summer.
(They were formerly part of the Cottage group).

Mixed varietiesDivision 9 - Rembrandt tulips
This tulip group have plants that are affected by a harmless virus, which causes the flower colors to streak into striped or blotchy patterns.
These grow up to a height of 80cm (32in)..
They flower in late spring and often last into very early summer.


Tulipa flaming ParrotDivision 10 - Parrot tulips
These have large flowers with frilled and/or twisted petals and many are bi-colored.
These grow up to 80cm (32in) tall.
They flower in late spring and often last into very early summer.

Tulipa Bel Air Division 11 - Double late or Peony-flowered varieties

These have large, fully double, rather squat flowers up to 12cm (5in) wide
They grow to 40-60cm (16-24in) in height.
They flower in late spring.

Tulipa Daylight
Division 12 - Kaufmanniana hybrids
The plants of this tulip group have waterlily-like flowers, which open out flat to 6cm (2½in) wide and are usually bi-colored and the leaves of some are striped or mottled with reddish or brownish purple.
They grow to only 10-25cm (4-10in) high. They flower in early spring.
(These are sometimes called waterlily tulips - are derived primarily from Tulipa kaufmanniana, a starry flowered species from Turkestan, named in honor of the Russian botanist, Kaufmann).

Tulipa JuanDivision 13 - Fosteriana hybrids
Their flowers are slender when closed up, opening to 18-20cm (7 -8in) wide in full sun and have a flower color ranging from scarlet to yellow or white
They grow to a height of 20-40cm (8-16in). They flower in mid spring.
(These have been cultivated mainly from Tulipa. fosteriana , a shiny green-leaved bright red-flowered species from the mountains of Central Asia).

Tulipa Red Riding HoodDivision 14 - Greigii hybrids
This group have flowers which are large and brightly colored with their leaves having wavy edges and bold purple-brown or maroon stripes.
Most grow up to 20-30cm (8-12in) tall, but some up to 50cm (20in),
They flower early to mid spring
(They are derived largely from T. greigii, again from Central Asia).

Tulipa  CynthiaDivision 15 - Species tulips
This tulip group covers a wide range of flower colors, shapes and sizes, to make up the final division. Most are smaller and more delicate in appearance than the modern hybrids, but are nevertheless equally hardy.

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